How I Ended Up In The Hospital Finding Enlightenment.

So my first experience with meditation and enlightenment and the point of the life. Is what this short summary is about. I wanted to astral project so i looked into it and delved into the world of consciousness, ive never turned back. i learned all about epi-genetics, quantum physics, sacred geometry, ancient mathematics, zero point energy, kundalini energy, qi channels, qigong, tai chi, yogi's, and myself just to name a few. I then stumbled upon something called ORMUS which im not going to bother going into detail about. But your supposed to take 1 tablespoon a day and it forms a meissner field around your DNA repairing it. I drank 3 bottles in 3 weeks and then took a small hit of marijuana from a bong which ive smoked for years, next thing i know my life is changed. It was almost as if a blockage of the circulation of blood in the right side of my head was suddenly fixed, along with my 3+ eye prescription, short term memory, ADD, ADHD, and my old perceptions of the world around me. I was suddenly immersed in this 3D world where i could see depth for the first time due to my old eyes. My new eyes could see beautiful colors and the smallest movement of anything around me. I could see the effects of gravity on the hair of those around me and understand the relationship between there emotions and physical appearance and actions.
I was overwhelmed, i thought i was dyeing i had never know such freedom and self expression, the ability to understand and control my own reality to such an extent! I felt like it was killing me i asked my father for help but he did nothing didnt really care, but thats my father a story for another time. So i believing that i was going to die in a completely unfamiliar world decide to accept death. So i sit on the couch and said i will make the most you of whatever life i have left and find the strength to move on. Anyways i went outside got a change of clothes for work the next day and called 911 and asked for an ambulance, i had told them that i fell and hit my head on the stairs. They were there quickly but to the wrong house so i flagged them down. I got in the ambulance told them i wanted to go to the hospital because i hit my head, but then my dad comes and tells them i was doing something called ormus and smoked some marijuana, not exactly the impression that i wanted to give them. About 30 seconds later i was electrocuted by my own body. I had no idea what was going on but i could feel this overwhelming energy build up and release, and unlike a normal seizure i was producing static electricity enough to stand my hair up which was about 4in long at the time. obviously the EMT's new the situation was serious and went through there assessment of me while in route to the hospital. My ears in the middle of the ride had started oozing my stuff but not cerebral fluid it was earwax but because my body was becoming so hot it just liquified, my mouth was also producing a white mucus. Right before entrance to the hospital i was able to stabilize it and literally started to glow a gold yellow tint.
When i entered the hospital everyone stopped and i finally realized what had happened to me. I was different in many ways, for one i had amazing hearing i could even hear a women murmur "wow someone rolled royalty in". I could hear the nurses across the room on the other side of the counter insist to get me a room because they felt i was strong. I then had my last electric shock hit me before complete calmness. After it hit everyone laughed and criticized me calling me different names and everyone went back to there conversations as if i had never come in. But one women stood up for me and i thanked her from the bottom of my heart, and i could see that she was happy and felt better that i had thanked her. After that they rolled me over to the wall and my dad showed up next to me, this was when i realized that i could notice a general difference in the color of those around me. my dad had a grey veil around him. and i looked up and saw varying levels of grey and white amongst the people at the hospital. Immediately after i sat up to look my dad told me to lay back down and stop. to which i responded no. This was big for me because i dont usually tell my father no or anything out respect, i usually explain why im doing something to him so that he will understand and not tell me what to do or agree with what im doing. Anyways this continued because i didnt want my blood ran or an IV put in i just wanted to be examined for stroke or some kind of immediate ailment which was not done at any point. I eventually tried to make my dad decided to leave on his own because he was trying to control me, i believe i was 19 at the time employed had my own insurance, my own apartment and i've never actually lived with him i lived with my mom so we always had a rough relationship. Then this women who was just sat on the cart directly behind where he was standing said to me "your just going around in circles" and we talked about how i didnt want to tell him what to do i wanted him to understand why and act on his own out of respect for me. To which she said "then youll just keep going around in circles (fading of as her words reached and end)" so i decided to do what i had to do to make him leave i told him to leave but i meant it. The way i said this to him was unlike anything i had ever said to anyone in my life i couldnt explain it but he did not question me he left. i then had an amazing conversation with the lady in the hospital resulting in me wanting to leave the hospital now that i had been there for hours checked myself in, and was not even seen on a slow night in the ER. So i told the next person i saw to get me whoever was in charge. and they almost mocked me off and walked the other way until i did the same thing i did to my did to my dad but without words. i could feel what i wanted done into her and she did it. She then got the women in charge who told me that i couldnt leave before i could even say anything. I obviously was curious as to why i was being held against my will without anyone so much as caring about my well being accept to stare at me for hours on end. She didnt even respond just turned around and asked for a guard to look after me as if i was some kind of criminal. Now i was mad. So i looked this measly guard in the face to which he looked away scarred. so i went to get up when he comes up to me with his head down saying please dont move please stay seated. And i laughed and now being 4am and having just gone through what i went through gave up and went to sleep. I woke up in another room with a guard at my door and my blood was taken in my sleep, when i had said to every doctor and attendant if you took my blood it is against my will and an invasion of my privacy. Anyways they said i was fine and to leave. Can you believe that ****.
This left out many details that could on by conveyed talking to someone. after having woken up everything was gone and i left out the process of it going away because it would take to long to go into detail about. But it left me a map to get back to the way i was then. Ever since that moment i have corrected the alignment of my spine fixed my eye prescription and the circulation of blood in my brain. I am more intelligent and much more focused. I have learned how to control my reality and attract whatever i want from it. i have come to love and understand my life in ways i had never thought possible. i did this through meditation and research of this reality. I have compiled over 150 different videos with most of the information i have learned for others to do the same. My screen name on youtube is heretotalkify and if you go to my playlists i know you can gain the same control over your reality if your prepared to handle it.
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I went to your YouTube but I can't see any videos created or uploaded by you.

I had difficulty understanding your English, so I'm not sure I got everything you meant to say, but after my own experiences with energy, I am curious about your methods, provided they are drug free.