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Sharing a text from enlightened spiritual teacher Dave Oshana.


What is Enlightenment like? Looking from Outside

Oshana described the experience of this enlightenment as being outside of, and watching, the life of David, which included thoughts, emotions and physical sensations. Previously, he felt that he was trapped inside their confines, now he felt free and spacious.

Direct Seeing

… Enlightenment is where consciousness experiences itself directly without the mediation of the mind and sense. The mind figures that something big is going on and tries to reason what that is, and so it comes up with interpretations.

Always Near

What can be said in words is an interpretation conveyed by concepts. If you are not enlightened then you will not know exactly what is being described. However, enlightenment is never very far away, it is as close to you as your own consciousness. But generally people do not really want enlightenment, as it ruins deeply held illusions about life.


We do not come to the world to get enlightened. We are already enlightened. We come here to be in ignorance, to act separate and be involved in drama. The search for enlightenment is part of that drama. Very few of those who claim to want enlightenment are sincere or know what they are talking about.

Seen not Taught

Enlightenment cannot be taught. It is not a body of knowledge or a set of behaviours. However, when a person deeply desires to know the Truth meets one who knows the truth then something magical can happen, and enlightenment can occur.


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3 Responses Jul 5, 2009

Dave Oshana ey.<br />
Not bad.

how would you kill ignorance? I know that enlightenment can be thaugth, if the one who hear really listen, in fact I can tell you how it is done and I bet you will not believe.

By confronting reality in such a powerfull way that you can not deny it to yourself. Acheiving enlightenment is really not as difficult as it is sometimes made to appear it is only that rarely anyone ever really wants it. So I'll take that bet.

I can fully understand this. I also think that you can float from one to the other having felt enlightend a few times but never seems to last, if that makes sense