Enlightenment hangs like a burning coal over a silk sheet
drops of fire fall from the coal
land on the sheet
and burn a hole through it
eventually the whole coal falls
burning the entire sheet away
no more sheet
only empty space where the sheet used to be
BodhiSvaha BodhiSvaha
22-25, M
7 Responses Nov 28, 2010

no no no<br />
"I" is ego and so is "I AM"<br />
I am implies that you actually exist<br />
which you don't<br />
try<br />
please god almighty<br />
try to see this<br />
you don't need anything else<br />
but to seriously look at this<br />
and quit trying to define ****

Thanks for that bit of space. We really fill it in far too often. Makes for an interesting contrast while the tension is still there before it all falls away - notes play with rest in music, paint agitates the blank canvas. All musical little lies playing while they can in the dusk and fall of silence.

Who experiences?<br />
who is this "I" that is experiencing life?

that's nice<br />
but as of right now<br />
enlightenment only exists as a concept in your mind<br />
quit trying to define enlightenment<br />
and go get it damn it<br />
EP is serving only as a distraction for you right now<br />
get off<br />
and go think hard about what I sent you in the message

it leaves more than a hole<br />
it destroys the sheet entirely there is no more sheet<br />
only empty space<br />
<br />
ego is the sheet<br />
ego is you<br />
actually ego is thinking pretending to be you<br />
it says I am a woman or I am a man<br />
I am 35 years old<br />
but this thinking is not you<br />
<br />
you are the empty space<br />
awareness<br />
that thinking takes place in<br />
become aware of thought<br />
become aware of your own awareness

you are not the sheet

so it consumes you? o.o