A Deacon At Church Said to Pray More It Helps

I started praying to God in the wee hours of the morning, when my wife is alseep, and its dark outside. My Deacon at church she told me to start praying to my higher power , I did but stopped for few weeks, and within those few weeks, things did not go well, but this week I started praying very early AM, and I see now that God does anwer prayer, I will keep on praying not stopping this time

Ratfink Ratfink
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2 Responses Aug 7, 2008

Which god are you seeking, that may seem like an odd question, but most people just say god in general, then give a mix of Judeo Christian and selfish worldly points about that god. Instead, maybe you should focus on a particular god, more specifically, the one and only true God that makes the claim as such thru His written and living word Jesus as the Christ. Romans 10:17,John 8:32

When you get to talking to God like he is your best friend and your most intimate mate...that you can share everything with...and that you can joke and talk to like he is a human at eye level with you...that you can ask anything of...that you can share your frustrations with ...that you can ask advice of and expect an answer...that you can ask for help from without feeling guilty....that you can ask to solve problems with you and for you without feeling you are avoiding responsibility....someone you can share even your most evil thoughts and even crass behaviours with.... then you will feel an extraordinary exhilarating freedom...<br />
You will know he really exists and your life will turn upside down with a joy and a knowing you will never have to prove to anyone. Nor indeed will you have to tell anyone about it as your own actions will become God like which will be proof enough of your Godliness and will automatically help others in a way that they may not even be aware of....no preaching can give others that....and no religion can substitute or replace that connection you will have......you will be and will forever feel so blessed...your cup will truly runneth over...and you will become aware of so many of his helpers...