I Am Very Serious About Seeking God

I want God more than anything else. It is my heart's desire to have a relationship with him I have never had. I have been saved and filled with His spirit since 1979. i have been close to him but I desire to have a much more closer relationship with Him than ever.  I love the Lord and I know there is more to have and know about Him. I am reading my Bible, praying more and talking to Him all the time. I desire to see people healed, saved, and delivered from anything that has them bound.  I know God can do this and I know He will. I just have to seek Him and search for Him to become the instrument He can use.

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3 Responses Jul 15, 2009

There is a CONTRADICTION between being saved and filled with the Holy Spirit, a.k.a., the image of God, on the one hand, and not growing in this dynamic relationship on the other hand.

Don't you agree?

That is the most amazing story, I can picture it happening. I too have had dreams of Jesus he has came to me several times and had taken me places to show me things. You are very special to Him, you must have a very humble spirit, don't ever lose it always keep close to Him, He can use you to help others. your story touched me and I feel the compassion you have for Jesus and the love He has for you. Thanks so much for sharing it

How wonderful you are! I always have had a true sense of God ever since I was young! I always prayed to Jesus just like he was a friend standing right beside me (because he always is). I have always felt touched by him and it is really hard to explain to other people! <br />
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When I was in my teenage years I had a dream.....I was walking down a dirt path in the forest somewhere. I had a beautiful wall of evergreens to my left and a lake or a sea to my right. The sky was gray and it began to trickle rain .......... I then noticed I had no shoes on my feet....then I felt someone walking right beside me. It was Jesus!!! ( I am tearing up just remembering that dream)......He stopped me and looked me straight in the eyes! He said"Follow me to the sea"..... He then took off his sandals and placed them on my feet.....then he started running towards the water..... I ran after him and he disappeared as soon as he reached the edge of the shore! I woke up and I was so shaken up! I knew I just had an actual experience from Jesus! I will never forget it! I have had other experiences too......... I would write them all but I don't want to make this too long to read! But even though I may not be the perfect person in my life, I know that Jesus is right beside me and will always be there even when I fall! I definitely feel touched by God!