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Peace. The Secret Teachings Of Diamond Lineage.

I dedicate this to all sentient beings,

Wishing them a liberation from the suffering
through the perfect enlightenment.

Slow down. Just now. Listen to me, now. Slower… Slower... Slowly… Slowly… Let it go… All… Just for a few seconds. Just now. 

Don’t cling to anything. Just follow this request, “Let it go. All. Now”. No matter what it is. No matter how important it is, how painful, how gorgeous or how complicated, Let It Go… Stop reading and let it go. First - now... Now, you just rested your mind. Now, you can look at them. Look at your thoughts.

Look now at this word:

Don’t think - Just look at the word:

This was your naked thought…and now, its what you read IS. And now, these words what you see now - IS. That's how we connect. We are connected now. By my writing, your reading, perceiving and not thinking - even if the thought is there.

Look at HER… at your thought and focus on what you see, but don’t go into it, don’t develop it, don’t live in it. Just look at HER and observe her. Look how your mind works. It produces thoughts like THIS one, what you see now. They appear and disappear and that is all. Nothing more. When you follow the process of appearing and disappearing of the thoughts and you don’t follow them, don’t develop them...Your mind rests and you are at peace. Just look at them and enjoy the peace.
                                                *    *    *

"All has gone, finally. No problems,"  thought J walking along the Crystal Stream. Amazing morning, fresh and inspiring, welcomed every being in the Peach Paradise. It's the extraordinary energy of compassion that has made this place alive.


"I am so happy. Feels like home," J heard his inner voice. "Everything is like it should be. All is at its own place. I am so content, so fulfilled, so comfortable."

He breathed steadily, enjoying himself.




I can see it. It is in front of me now.

I can feel it. It is everywhere."

                                                    *   *   *


The Orchid Palace was filled with light and wonderful smells. Everything was hollow here and you could see, that it was merely a dream.

J met Amaranth in the Palace of his mind and he requested the teachings.

"These are the secret transmissions, whispered in the ear of one student at the time," started Amaranth. "You shouldn’t share them publicly."

"Why?" asked J.

"A disciple should first earn trust the teacher," answered Amaranth. "Only then instruction can be passed to the student. This way, we can ensure a proper respect for the transmission. It was this way since 4 thousand years."

"Gold will always be respected. No matter in whose hands it would go," replied  J.

"Not everybody can recognize gold,"  said Amaranth.

"Even if one will do that it is worth it," answered J.
"I can’t refuse you,"  said Amaranth. "You are my best student but I can make you aware of what your actions would cause."

"Please, pass the teachings onto me, Master," requested J.

"If you are looking for the inner peace," started Amaranth. "You have to give up an egoistic viewpoint first. You do that, by dedicating your act for all of the beings, wishing them liberation from the suffering. After you have done that sincerely, the magic begins. You mentally transcend the Ego and energy of whole universe supports you. Next, you have to calm your mind by letting it all go. Just let it go whatever it is and not be tied in the constant process of thinking and rethinking. Just simply relax and look into your mind. Finally, you'll just watch how the thoughts appear and disappear and this means the peace and the freedom."

I dedicate this to all sentient beings,

Wishing them a liberation from the suffering
through the perfect enlightenment.

Bolek Bolek 41-45, M 13 Responses Nov 26, 2012

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Thank you:-) it's the power of now!!

All the best.
Thanking about you.
Admiring you.
Please stay in touch.

I was going to post something here - but I have let it go ;) xoxo with love!!

Love is good, very good.
You can always post something in that department.
If there is not enough there is always skyp to check the notes. Lol

did you send skype message?

Not really.
I did sort of here but it was no respond than I was waiting.
I hope you are doing well.
I wish you great day.
Nice quiet day in Toronto.
I got article thank you. I will read it today.
Skyp is always here and we can talk if you wish.

I like quiet days :) It's quiet here today too.
Coincidentally, I just sent you a message on Skype....
Lets talk

Sure. I have to lunch the thing.
I am not using it at all lately.
Give me a few sec.

okay - i am just watching a show on -- Elementary.

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great post

Thank you and thank you for answer below.
I hope you are doing well and all is good with you.
I wish you all the best.

I love this it's very comftoring

I am glad that you can experience that.

It's people like you that show the rest of us the way :)

I am friend. I am like you. I am in the same row.
I got something. It was given to me with love through love and compassion.
I am just giving back and loving it.
Thank you so much for your kind words.

wow! Still mind strong heart.


Thank You..:)

Thank you too.

As always, I enjoyed the art work as well as the writing. Although as much as I have a quest for I inner peace, I am in spiritual warfare with those who would rob me of what peace I have. So, do I fight for my peace?

In my opinion you can't get peace by fighting for it. Every violence bring violence and this means lack of peace. You have to trust that the peace is final point of everything and acting against peace will delay obvious. If believe in that you need just wait and avoid violence and peace should come. Why I believe that peace is final point because I believe that you can't make peace. Peace has to be there. If you make something it is always limited and peace I believe has to be unlimited. If peace just come and go it would be terrible. Being in such a peace you would, could be all the time worry that you can lose it any moment. It doesn't make sense to me.

How honest and true. Thank you so very much.

It is really sincere and it really reach my heart

Thank you.
I am glad that I had a chance to do that.

Thank you, once again, for your wise words my friend...

From me to you forever.
My pleasure.

Beautiful and reached out to my heart. Well done.

Please keep me there.
Thank you.

Nicely put, and I enjoyed it very much too.

Thank you.

love it Peter
and love you too!

I know you for so long.
Almost from the beginning on here.
I love you too and I am sure that this is totally spiritual. I love that feeling.