Inner Peace.....

Ever since I can remember, in my youth, I enjoyed walking the nature`s paths and biking all over the place. I did know that this was connecting me to the most important part of my being. Now as an adult, I see how I still do these activities. I now walk through the forest smelling the aroma of clean, fresh and pure air. Everything about nature is alive!
I quit drinking many years ago. Over time, I did not know that I would look within myself to explore who I was. Also that what I was searching for was within me. This was no easy task, in fact, it was rather daunting and challenging. I experienced and endured many childhood disappointments. At the same time, I had a few attributes that have carried me far. A good attitude and I use to talk to "God" on my journeys. I wanted something so bad and that was inner peace.
Today I understand what I found so challenging. Through the pain and agony I found me. If I was to leave this leave by the grace of God....I would be content because I did the best I could with the tools I had to work with.....
"Contentment is something you gain when you realize everything is as it should be"
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You are truly one of the most wonderful young men I have come to know, oh how I would love to have known you in person ..however you showing your insides has helped encourage me more than you know. I thank you dearly.

My Dearest friend MrNash, may we always cross one another's path with grace, you too are a very special role model on EP. You are a teacher. A cherished friend of mine. I thank you so very much

I am happy for you but also envy you! Lol ! Being content is the biggest achievement one can hope for on earth. Its the single most important pre-requisite for self-actualisation!

Agree! Maintaining this state of mind is the challenge after attaining it. Very few can manage to measure upto it.

Absolutely and totally. And that's the hardest part! : )

Best of luck my friend, you are well on your way.

Stay connected with nature as much as you can. Find which element has the most affect on you. My question is, have you taken the time to star gaze yet?

But of course! :)

Thank you for sharing such a personal and heartfelt happy you found that inner peace :-)

wow... I loved that, gives me something to really think about..very cool

Inspiring , so loved it, really like you MrNash!

Peace with-in dose not fill you, it gives to you what was always their and drives you to the where. We do not know the where until we get there. It seems you have arrived and may your travels continue. See you around.

Like gold in fire, you have found meaning in suffering. Wonderful share. Thanks. Please add me, hope to be friends.

Thank u needed read that.. Made my day

inner peace will set you free

what a simple and inspiring story. its not so complicated to be happy is it. i have similar ideas about things i did in my childhood that i found to be very useful for maintaining hopeful and healthy attitude now that im older. like dancing lessons and living in rural area where we made up our own games as kids.

Beautifully written! I believe we are connected to nature and all living things.

I so appreciate you sharing that. I also feel that. nature is one of my greatest inspirations.