All I ever wanted is just tranquil, calm inner peace.  It is difficult to obtain when your mind is stormy and running wild all the time, you feel tense, sad and depressed. My body feeling tired, worn out, and also at the same time restless.  I feel like Im walking a tight rope and ready to explode.  Would love to know what techniques people use for inner peace, any good books, meditation ideas, hobbies, or anything they use for inner peace.

tatteredwings tatteredwings
9 Responses Mar 18, 2009

No but that does sound like a good idea I will look into that thanks :)

I know the feeling. It's very tough to concentrate on attempting inner peace when you are in a wreck. <br />
Have you ever thought about attempting Yoga? You can always get a self help DVD and work your own pace.

Thank you all for your thoughts and comments they have all helped me and will give them a try

As someone else has said, exercise does help. I am feeling very tense right now and so I am going for a long walk.<br />
Apart from that, I wish I knew the answer.

Yes I love doing that in the summertime laying out in the back yard on the cool grass, perfect.

I agree that does relieve some stress

I find exercise a great stress reliever.

Will give that a try thank you

guided meditation helps. you don't need to 'try' to achieve the meditative state. put on a pair of headphones, pop in the cd and let it do the work.