Is She Out There?


I'm a artist who lives the typical life of an independent freelancer. I work when I wanna work I sleep when I'm tired and I'm a major pain in the *** most of the other times. Makes for a pretty flexible life. I have a passion for life that most folks find fun. If your loo kin for a buff athletic kinda guy it aint me! If you like big burly teddy bear biker types well then that's probably a better description of me. I'm looking for a woman who is young at heart and has a sense of humor. I love to travel to various motorcycle rallies to sell my art. I'm a hell of a good cook and I do enjoy cooking a good meal for friends. Age is not an issue with me. I have been with women much older than me and much younger than me and I think it all boils down to whats in the heart. On the good side I love to laugh and make the people around me laugh. I love to see a woman's eyes light up when you do something nice for her and you can tell she appreciates it. I've ridden motorcycles all my adult life and that's the main inspiration for my art.

What am I looking for in a soul mate? First and for most a woman who isn't hung up on stereotypical bullshit like six pack abs and all men are pigs. Not many of us have them and yes we are so get over it and take some time and see what we are really about! A woman who is comfortable in her skin and is willing to let me decide what I think is beautiful but yet will take care of herself because that's just the way she is. I dated a good friend of mine for a while and I'll never forget how incredibly comfortable she was nude and how comfortable she made me feel about myself. I have never been closer to anybody than I was with her. It was a wonderful feeling. We would still be together today but she was needing to settle a question in her mind and to see if she was just bi or if she was gay. Well by the time she figured it out I had moved on. I want a women who is willing to not smother me but is there when I need her to be and I will do the same. Life really isn't about a 50-50 relationship sometimes it 30-70 or 80-20 or maybe on Tuesday its 40-60 just because one of you is having a better day. I believe my soul mate will have a bit of a wild streak and wont be afraid to show it. A woman who knows how to be naughty when its appropriate and is open for new things and experiences. A woman who is not afraid of dressing up in a corset and heels and having her picture taken for our private collection. A woman who knows what the word relax means and doesn't feel guilty just because she can relax. But when its time to get busy isn't afraid to get her hands dirty. My soul mate will have her own hobbies and tho she may enjoy some of mine in common with me wont try to take mine over and make them hers. People need "my things" things they can own as theirs and even tho it sounds bad things that will get you away from each other from time to time. Dammit sometimes I just need a break. In a perfect world maybe not but sadly my world is not perfect. Also I have found that when a couple has some separate hobbies and social activity's it cuts down on the competing. This is a big one, my soul mate will not be overly jealous! I believe a touch of it is healthy and OK but alot is disastrous! If you dint trust me we dint belong together. I have no tolerance for overly suspicious people. Nor do I have any tolerance for overly argumentative people. Life is far too short. Notice many of these things are extremes? Generally these things are healthy in small doses. My soul mate won't need a huge home with all the trimmings. She will be more happy with a small place with not a huge amount of upkeep because we would rather spend our time riding or enjoying life. She wont need a million dollar bank account but will be satisfied if we are comfortable and safe and the bills are paid. I feel life is about achieving some common goals along with some personal ones along the way. Everybody need something to be proud of. Its really funny how we all have our standards of what is acceptable and what is not. And how those standards change along the way in our life. I know I can really say my idea of what my soul mate would be like has changed dramatically as I attained more life knowledge and figured out really what was important to me. When I was 20 that hottie with the barbie face and figure was the stuff and I'm sure I passed up on some wonderful ladies and times because of it. Luckily my blinders came off and I realized at a fairly young age that looks are really not nearly as important as whats in the heart. I know many what I would call handsome (not beautiful in looks) women that when you got to know them were 12's on a scale of 1-10. My feelings are this you must look at the whole package before you make decisions about a person. I have also determined what the word ugly means. Ugly people know they are ugly and hate everybody else for their own self hatred when in all reality they probably are not ugly in looks at all. I've known many beautiful women who I considered ugly after knowing them for a short period of time. So in closing I know the list is long and there are many things I expect in my soul mate but ya know what? Its really not. Nor is this a perfect world so I guess if ya can fulfill a few on the list I'm open for discussion on the rest lol!




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Haven't you found her? The Squirter...

I liked that. Lol. I have many of the same thoughts about things. It's always nice to see that other people are as concernd as one's own self. It is a very matter of fact list and it's great. I liked the men are pigs, get over it. If you read my quote on my profile you'll see that I say "men are ah***s and women are B**ches but some are better than others." I think get goes along with the pig comment. I hope you find your soulmate.