Seeking A Woman To Suckle And Bond With

I am in the bay area in northern California.  If there are any women out there who desire the love and warmth and beautiful bonding that comes from being held and caressed when you nurse, please get in touch.  My breasts are large and firm and although I am not lactating, (I've never had children, but would LOVE to come to lactate!)  I would adore offering what I can through this wonderful way of expressing love.  I would also love, love to suckle from someone myself.

Even if you're not in the bay area, feel free to get in touch!  We can still nourish and support each other from where we are and can perhaps travel to meet at a later point in time for some quality face to breast time.  ;-)

MellysBoobs MellysBoobs
46-50, F
3 Responses Jul 24, 2010

Sounds so nice. I'd like to talk more with you sometime...

I am in Sacramento, would love to let a woman suckle me like a pacifier, just one time. It can soothe me, calm me down, that what I want. I would like to enjoy having my breast suckled without the pressure of sex,

Had you been closer (and not overseas) this is something i would have enjoyed trying - nursing from a woman and perhaps her from me too. All the best in finding what you seek :)