Desire To Nurse

I would like to experience nursing once again as an infant. My profile obvioiusly shows my enjoyment of being babied, and the act of a mother nursing her baby is a beautiful thing. I have had some wonderful experiences of being babied, but never the opportunity to be held and nursed from a woman's breast. It is not a sexual thing for me, but an emotional one of caring. In my profile you will also notice my desire to enjoy being a girl, but as an infant, gender is not important. My fantasies of being a woman certainly include being able to breast feed, but I can only begin to imagine how satisfying it must be to nourish a child and provide such an emotional bond.

SissyCheryl SissyCheryl
1 Response Feb 27, 2010

Hey Sweet mom How r u ? I would like 2 suck ur breast and need ur breastmilk.can u do it 4 me.<br />
Waiting 4 reply.Bye