my lifetime spiritual teachers bring me to this post. although not seeking future, have a understanding to find fellow 'self actualizing' people. I am characteristic of all maslows definitions.

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uprightness will get you there my friend.

There is no intrusion. <br />
I now see my ego as seperate from my true self, but an essential tool to operate. The pain and suffering serves to reminnd me i am human, but meanwhile takes me closer to 'being'. I have found it a usefull tool in finding a clearer sence of truth.<br />
The ego takes on many forms. It hinders me daily.<br />
Fear i see as an illusion of the mind now. It caused me a lot of suffering, nightmares stuttering ect. <br />
the ego needs to hold on to its false sence of being, fear is its best tool.<br />
I have to be strong in knowing my 'trueself'. which is not seperate from my 'creator'. Oherwise it would have destroyed me. <br />
My life is more fulfilled and satisfying when I use the ego for its true role as an enabler. It becomes more deflated each moment I recodnise it for what it is.<br />
Life gets easyer.<br />
I turned fear into my Freind. <br />
There is a peace. I know.<br />
<br />
My very kindest regards