I Hate Going Out In Public!

I've come to terms with my looks over the last few years but I always get self conscious still. Especially when I'm out shopping by myself. I always feel like someone is watching me and so I always act like I'm on camera or something, being careful with what movements I make. I hate it because it ruins my shopping trip! Also I'm very concerned with how other people see me even on here! I always reread what I'm going to post like three times before I post it. I know most of these feelings are all in my head but I can't help it!
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Believe it or not, when you're out in public, the majority of people have so many things or their mind, searching for an item to buy, dinner, etc..that they're not even that aware of others around them unless a person is wearing something that is out of the norm eg.<br />
( orange hat with a toy animal attached). Or if the individual is filthy or smelly. Also, it is compared to how we worry, almost 99% what people worry about, never happens. Enjoy life, if you are worried about anything, you should be concerned for your soul. The Bible says for us not to esteem man, because his breath is in his nostrils, if you are to be afraid, let it be of sin, and live a life that is pleasing to God. This should be everyone's aspect. We are all being watched by a heavenly body of host, and we are either causing a smile on God's face, or we're not. Live for Him...fear is not of God unless it's a fear of sin.

I feel u, sweet sister :) what i'm learning about myself is that that feeling in and of itself -- feeling like others are watching u, etc. -- isn't a bad feeling! Our souls are here to experience ALL feelings.... to our soul, there is no "good" or "bad" feeling, it's just feeling, and actually each is EXHILARATING to the soul, so... what I learned is to notice/observe when i'm feeling self conscious...exactly how it feels.... acknowledge it to myself, and then sort of let it wash over me and fill my body as if it was an EXHILARATING feeling... and experience it with interest, curiosity, and even joy... i know it sounds far fetched, but if u can do that for even a second, it starts to neutralize the fear/discomfort around it...... hope this helps.... its been helping me... good luck :)

Sounds to me like you just need to be more sure of yourself. You obviously want to treat yourself to a good time like taking yourself on a good shopping trip (sounds fun!), so you should just relax and enjoy the times. Don't worry about what others think. If it really is too much, ask a good chum to come along with you so you guys can go as buddies. Maybe you'll feel like the attention is lessened then? Just trying to help! If you want to talk, I'm here as a friend!<br />
~Cheers!<br />
~the "artsy chica" ;D

nothing wrong with being shure about yourself,,,double checking yourself is good,,wish I was better at it,,,but being paronoid can be stressful,,I was at one time, but,,over it now