They Don't Get It.

Sooo.. since the day I was born, my parents told me that God made me the way I am for a reason. Everything about me was thought out and planned, so I would be unique. They told me I was beautiful... and I believed them. Then highschool came along. It might not be right to blame it on highschool, but I honestly do. I didn't even notice that my ears stuck out or that my eyes were droopy or that I had a little gut. I thought it was normal... I thought I was being me. This guy, my best friends boyfriend, told me that if I ran fast enough, my ears might flap and get me off the ground. I ignored it at first, but he was cool.. so now the whole school made fun of me. I wore my hair down everyday after that, and almost quit sports.. If it wasn't for my dad I would have. One of his friends stood up for me though.. and somewhere along the road of Sophmore year.. we fell for eachother. I love him. He loves me. He says "Goodmorning beautiful :)" every morning, and "Goodnight gorgeous :)" every single night. He says that i'm going to believe him someday.. I don't like looking him in they eyes.. I hate that he looks at me. I feel ugly. Nobody will ever convince me otherwise..
TeenageDreamer32 TeenageDreamer32
18-21, F
Apr 9, 2012