I Just Don't Show It!

I don't like to wear clothes that are too tight, or shirts that show cleavage, I don't like to show too much skin.. PERIOD. Why you may wonder? Because I am SELF CONSCIOUS of my body, and the sad thing is.. Few (aside from my Mother and Grandmothers) have told me that my body is fine. I beg to differ, I mean, my stomach is flat which is a plus, but I'm not slim. I am athletically shaped, and I stand around 5'4. It took me forever to start wearing a bikini, but even with the bikini, I wear shorts with it because I don't like when my thighs are showing.. The thing that helps me surpass my self consciousness is the fact that I don't express it, and because I am very social, outgoing, and stuff like that. Therefore, it is easy for me to be perceived as "I'm happy with my self". I guess you could say that I am getting better though, I am becoming more and more grateful with what God gave me, and when I look at the people who have it waay worse... For example, those with physical disabilities, I beat myself up for not embracing what I have. It's kind of funny, when I was younger and REALLY chubby, I don't remember being all that self conscious. Now that I'm older and have lost my baby fat, I actually care about what people think of me when they look at me. IDK lol.

I think I should be okay though!

ilikejunkfood ilikejunkfood
18-21, F
Jul 14, 2012