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I am generally quite a normal girl, I suppose.. I mean, I have friends, I do non-school activities, and I have a suitable house to live in. But there are some days where I just feel like crap.. There are these boys at school, who are always nasty to me. I may not be pretty. I may not be skinny. I may not be god dam perfect either! But they really have a way of pointing that out to me. I have a genetically hairy body.. I mean like, on my arms and legs. My legs are okay, I never have to show them, but my arms.. Ill have my sleeves rolled up and they're laughing at me, commenting on me behind my back. I eventually told my mum about this and she was a great help, she bought cream for me, and even took me to the doctors for help. But I didn't really work. And on the rare days where I'm feeling fairly good and confident about myself (Compared to other days), they come along and ruin all that.. I just wanted some help.. As what I could say to them to get them off my back. Help me please? Thank you.
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man teenage boys were the most annoying for me as well. I remember this one boy who kept asking me why I wore the same jeans two days in a row and asked if I didn't shower. It's JEANS they don't need to be washed for at least a week! Don't worry about them. When you guys are 10 years older, you guys will be more focused on your careers than what someone looks like. There's much more significant problems in the world like cancer and war, so people who make fun of something like someone's appearance is pretty stupid.

When I feel like people disrespect me because of my appearance, I have music to back me up because I really love playing the piano, violin and guitar, and I feel really happy when I'm playing them. Playing them gives me self confidence because when I hear myself play, I'm like wow, someone like me can produce such wonderful music. If you can't find anything good about yourself appearance-wise, try art, music, sports, or other talents that you may have!

My best advice is to ignore those boys. Believe me, honey, I've been there. It gets you nowhere to dwell on what they have to say. I know it's hard, but you should try and ignore them. Most likely, they're just trying to get a reaction out of you, so if you don't give them the reaction, they'll leave you alone. I've got tons of imperfections and flaws, all of which could be singled out and picked on. However, I've picked out some things about myself that I really like and feel confident about and I try to put emphasis on them. People should not be judging you at all, but if they're going to (and you know they will), you might as well show them your best side. After that, just ignore them. I strongly suggest you not say anything to those rude boys. Hope this helps somewhat and you can move on and realize what a beautiful young woman you really are :)

Theres just one problem with that. I have nothing at all about myself that I like and feel confident about!.. :L But thank you so much anywho!! :D

Sweetie, I'm sure there are multiple things about yourself that you should feel proud about! I used to have low self-esteem, which led to all sorts of problems like eating disorders, depression, etc. Over time, I began to realize that if I wanted the world to believe in me, then I had to believe in myself first. Just pick one thing out, something small, like long, thick eyelashes, smooth skin, or healthy, luscious locks of hair. Then, gradually you start adding to the list of favorite things about yourself. I'm sure you have a favorite shirt or pair of pants or shoes, and so wear them with confidence and just take some time to feel positive about yourself :)

If only it was that easy.. :(