Its Just Everything

It's not that I have a specific thing I feel self conscious about -- I don't.  It's just that I get around people and every little thing I do or don't do or want to say or whatever - I picture it in my head & worry how people will see me - what they will think.


Because of this, I don't work on being less self-conscious - I strive to grow into not caring what people

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ha ha that's how i feel. I think it's why i have a hard time making friends...cuz the whole time someone's talking to me...i'm thinking they are just being polite or feel sorry for me -- ugh! It's so silly! *sigh* but it's getting a bit better. : )<br />
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people have told me (in person) i come off as being very confident lol! i am to a point, but also insecure. : P

*thx* god bless : )

ps i think the hard part is knowing, in my mind, the reality....but that doesn't change the emotions i have to work through to get past it......: )

thanks retiredfather - i do keep working at it.....i appreciate the encouragement! i try not to *share * TOO much lest i be a big mouth

I can tell my your stories, that you are fairly intelligent.<br />
<br />
Please do not fear interaction.<br />
<br />
Keep working at it.<br />
Be ready to share what you know.<br />
<br />
It will help others.

Well, it started with me working through my issue that made me feel like everyone was better than me. <br />
<br />
After that, accepting and appreciatig myself as I am<br />
<br />
As for the not caring part - I've been starting to see people in a more ddetached way - like, they are no different or better off than me - it's not like they have things figured out - and when they do - they won't be pompous about it. I am just as smart & just as good as anyone - and I feel so much more free when I don't care as much. Like before I felt everyone was somehow an authority - and now I realize they're just the same as me. And since I think for myself - I DO for myself - and so I stand out sometimes. That's a GOOD thing - not embarrassing. ANd sometimes me being me makes other people feel like they can be them. <br />
<br />
Now put me in front of the guy I thought was my soul mate and rejected me & ask me to repeat that.......but don't hold your breath lol!

I feel the exact same way and for this reason I don't have friends really. I always feel as though I am being judged and that everyone is better than me. I interact at work with people in a business manner cos I guess that is the one thing I feel confident enough to do. I too want to not care what others think of me..If you figure out how please share your knowledge =)