Shouldn't Be Self Conscious

I am very self conscious about what others think of me. I get embarrassed very easily and I blush at everything. However, I don't know why I am so self conscious. At age 15 I'm 5'5 and only about 105 pounds. Not only am I very skinny, but I have big breasts for somebody of my weight. I do think I'm pretty at times, but still I remain self conscious. I hate when people look at me and I can't take any criticism. Is there anything I can do to become less self conscious?

ps: I have pictures on my profile if you want to see what I look like.

acidrayne acidrayne
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 9, 2009

Your self-consciousness will unravel when you realize that guys are checking you out because that's what guys do ... and they like what they see :) ... You are a very pretty young lady, and should start to feel comfortable with your beauty ... I bet you light up the room :) ...