Sadly, Yes I Am......

I am very self destructive sometimes. Sometimes I drink too much, other times I cut, other times, I just hit my head against the wall, orther times, I am very hateful towards myself. I guess its my way of coping sometinmes, and dealing with things from time to time. I know it bad, and I shouldn't, but at the same time, I feel like,
  "well if everyone else is going to hurt me so why can't i"

so yea, i am use to hurting, and sometimes i ususally just deal with it,  i am trying hard not to....
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If you're used to hurting, it can be frightening to contemplate actually feeling good. Don't fall for that trap though - threadbare19 is right. You are a person who can be loved and you can love. And that really is worth the trouble it takes to find it.

try switching it out---pick one good helpful thing you can do when you are in pain...maybe go for a walk in the woods? every time you have the urge to hurt yourself-do that other good thing-give yourself positive affirmations-if you don't have them in your head buy a little book of them and read one a will take some time to change the pattern you've established but keep were born good and worthy-nothing to prove! love yourself-you are worth it!! hugs....

What are you coping with ?