I Was Self-employed

I'm afraid I have to remove myself from this group. I was self-employed for 13 years...but a wretched economy, skyrocketing health insurance costs, long hours of prospecting that yielded exactly nothing, and other various and sundry circumstances have forced me to re-join the rat race. It's a little sad, but I really feel quite grateful to have found a job a) so quickly is this abysmal job market and b) one that isn't so horrible that I'd have to take industrial-strength Prozac just to make it through the day. So...huzzah! Pack up my Smurf lunchbox and show me how to get an outside line! I'm good to go!

Nyxie Nyxie
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Thanks for your comment, evolve. I haven't worked in the radio business for years, but have watched it become a sad shadow of its former self now that the corporations have taken over. What was once filled with exuberant individualism and creativity has now been replaced with sc<x>ripted, canned content and playlists designed to attract some beancounter's idea of an optimized market segment. But back then, it just didn't make enough money, and those stations were, after all, businesses. I guess it's the sad and inevitable consequence of commerce kicking art's ***. But isn't it that way with most things these days? <br />
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Hey, you've inspired me to post a song on my blog that I think is very fitting to this discussion. Hope you like it.

Josie, I'm so sorry to hear that. I didn't know you had been laid off. I hope you find something very soon. ~~~sending Josie good job hunting luck vibes~~~

This economy is rough. I am in the same boat. Try and try as I may to get gainful employment it just doesn't seem to be happening now a days.

You're right, Lilt. Mr. Sluggo is a very bad man.

Just stay away from that guy Sluggo. He is not a good friend.

Not yet, really. But I'm looking forward to finding out if there are any secret EP'ers in my midst!

Hahaha and I bet you have a lot of new work friends! *grin*

Hahahahaha! Yes! El makes my lunch for me every day and puts it in my Smurf lunchbox! :D

Glad to hear that Nyxie! Say have you been using the Smurf lunchbox?

Thanks, LordV. So far, so good!

Congratulation, I hope everything works out for you just great

Cuz you're a closet perv, F. ;D

I'm sure I will, hurldog. I was in the radio business for quite a few years before I went freelance. To this day I still have dreams I'm running a board, it's 30 seconds before the top of the hour, I can't find the right cart (tape) for the top-of-the-hour ID, and I'm racing against the clock in a complete panic to find it! That's always a fun one.

Ha! Thanks, When! :D<br />
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Gryfnn, I think you are right. As soon as I got this job, suddenly I didn't have to worry about scraping up new business, wondering whether I was going to bring in enough money to pay the bills that month, staring at the phone praying for it to ring, etc., etc. It definitely has its advantages!

Good luck---and congratulations on finding a new job! I had my own business for a while--and also of course spent a lot of years working for other people... both have their advantages--and disadvantages... actually, I found working for other people... a lot less work :)..

I don't know, Scoobs. But then again, I don't have a functioning laptop or an iPhone, so I guess it doesn't matter! :D

Grats! Outside line is cool and all but do they have WiFi?

Lauren, Lilt, Sappy, Faucon and Frito...THANK YOU for the votes of confidence, my friends!! (Except for the crack about the Smurf lunchbox; Lilt. That one left a mark. ;P) <br />
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I feel a little "out there" right now...in addition to having a cold at the moment. Just my luck, eh? Showing up at a new workplace like Typhoid Mary! How does one handle that? "Um, sorry, I'd love to shake your hand, new co-worker, but I'm CONTAGIOUS." Urk. I'll be happy to get the first week over with, though. It's the not knowing what to expect that wears on you, I think. <br />
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Oh, and Faucon? Can I borrow that Gone With The Wind lunchbox? And does it come with a mini Bic lighter for setting Atlanta on fire?

You are so right, Faucon. Most of my bestest friends are Smurf lunchbox carrying types.

No wonder you found a job so quickly...smart, funny and a pretty great attitude...hey depends on the place...maybe the Smurf lunchbox could work...why not try it after a week or so. *grin*.

Faucon, I've heard Nyxie's voiceover voice...it's as smooth as butta'

Yeah, I'm with Lilt on the lunchbox. I think all the cool kids are carrying the ones with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles now. Congrats & good luck !

Congratulations on finding a job, Nyx. I would ditch the Smurf lunchbox. It kinda shows your age. Just saying.