I am selfish because every where I look everyone else has more then me.. It's just as much personal attributes then it is material things or relationships with people. I try so hard not to be selfish but when I see other people have what I want so badly it just kills me inside. I literly have nothing... Not one friend in this world, no personality, not a great attitude, zero work ethic. I often feel like its better to just kill myself rather then feeling this way. I hate this pain so much.. I wonder if praying will actually even work... I honestly dont even know anymore.
LostBoy22 LostBoy22
22-25, M
1 Response May 25, 2012

It seems to me that you are at rock bottom, which is a perfect place to start. This will make you stronger. It can help motivate you to have a work ethic in order to get out of the enviornment you are in. I hate where I live, so I work EXTREMELY hard in school so that the second i turn 18, i can move to London or anywhere in England. But DO count your blessings.....you have more than you think.