Yeah, And?

So what?  I'm too selfish to care what you have to say about how selfish I am.  Too lazy to change.  Too indifferent to want to.  We're all a little selfish, but I'm more selfish than anyone else I know.  Does it really matter though?  Not really.

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12 Responses Jul 23, 2009

at least you know who you are but its pretty evil to be so darn selfish

Fine by me. ^-^

It seems a bit difficult at this point xD

Ha ha, go for it and have fun with it! ;D

I choose to reject your opinion of your sexuality and substitute with my own!<br />

Ha, they can think what they want to, but it doesn't help their chances ;D

Careful or people may think you're not a lesbian anymore :P

I can be when I wanna be! :D

Aww, yeah, that's so sweet of you :P

But I wouldn't kill you! If that makes you feel any better!

Psh, yeah, I don't like those. I'd stuff them down your throat just to not eat them if I had to :P

Could you please pass the green beans?