The Difference In Weddings

Within two years and two days I had two daughters and within two years and a few months I will have two weddings. I have already had the first wedding.  It was my second daughter who got married first.  She was more interested in her honeymoon plans then anything to do with the wedding.  So I dragged her from here to there to try and get done what needed to be done. She really did have the big picture in mind, black and white colors, bridesmaids picked out, church wedding of our faith, and the rest she really did not have much of a strong opinion about. Oh did I mention she had her dress picked out before we even went out looking. She saw it in a magazine ane went where it was sold, tried it on and told me after she tried on a few others I could not talk her out of it. 

He future groom was definitely different from us but hardworking and likeable. I was concerned about some possible issues I could see that might be part of their future like heavy beer drinking but she seem to not think this was going to make a big problem  After all what does a mother who had two alchoholic grandparents, an alchoholic father and who had worked on her own issues being an Adult Child of an alchoholic know.  I had to let be.  Wow, as I write this I realize how difficult it was. Now the new son in law and the second wedding is coming. This daughter is the first born and all is different. I will continue this tomorrow.

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61-65, F
Feb 28, 2010