House Crisis

I purchased my home last December, during a manic phase. I immediately started to fix it, and have since put in about $26000 worth of upgrades and repairs.

Unfortunately, now I am selling my house.
-My mom moved in to help me deal with my disease, and she can go up and down the stairs a lot.
-I can't afford to pay my mortgage anymore, and if it doesn't sell soon will be facing foreclosure.
-I can't take care of my myself or my dog, much less a big house.

It all sucks!
26-30, F
4 Responses Jul 20, 2007

Hi UCFiT,<br />
I was in a similar position. But I found help. Their is this company called AMA that can get your loan terms changed. They did it for me and literally saved my house. I went from a %10.5 rate to a 5.25% fixed and all my pass due payment were forgiven. It really changed my monthly payments! Check out their website they may be able to help you to. Good luck!<br />

I am selling my home as well. Having health issues puts a new perspective on things. I am praying all goes well for you!

Hi UCFiT, I'd like to help. I'm in the process of trying to start a nonprofit organization to help people like you who are going through foreclosure (or are about to face it). I'd love to talk with you to learn more about what I can do to help people like you -- please email me at (Also for anyone else who finds themselves in a similar situation, please do email me.)

It looks beautiful in the photo. I feel your pain. I remember manic spending sprees so vividly, living like there was no tomorrow, running up huge credit card bills - and having nothing to show for it except the vague recollection of a good time. There's nothing quite like the unhappiness of mopping up after a manic episode. But you know what? You do it, and you move on. And a lot of times you feel a whole lot better afterwards, and if you're lucky, you learn a lot from it. (Make sure there's an apple pie baking in the oven the next time you show it - old realtor trick!) :->