Wow, it's exciting and scary at the same time but here I go.. I have questioned getting out of dodge for awhile talked with real estate agents and then back off again, but not this time. I"m signing the contract tomorrow. Been wanting to move back to the lake where I lived before, so much to do and more people my own age, old friends to see just ready for change. My ex husband purchased a house here about 5 miles away from my current one. We have all became friends. But it just makes it hard to move forward. He's getting remarried and she seems really cool. Truly happy for both of them, but my moving makes "him" feel hurt. It's not my intention and nothing he's done or hasn't done, but just something I have to do. He seems over protective of my dating or going out, which I'm not sure I understand. I know he's just watching out for me but I need a clean break and a little more free range. I want to further my career and get ahead not stay in the same place. Just wish I could do it without hurting anyone. Guess it is what it is and he'll get over it. Can't help but feel excited I sure hope it sells fast!! Just talking it out it, thanks for listening EP..
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It seems a bit late for him to start worrying about losing you.

Yes, that ship has sailed

Damn, did I miss my ship again? Why does nobody ever tell me these things?