Nasty Mum

a lot of people said my mum was nasty because she left me when i was only 4, my aunty raised me. My mum wasn't nasty at all, she was lost and alone and knew she couldn't look after a child any more. She had lots of demons and one of them claimed her when she was 32. I only knew her for a short while but i look at her photo every day and miss her every day and will love her forever.
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1 Response Apr 27, 2012

I think that is a very sweet story and I can feel the love for your mother just by reading it, and the love she had for you. We are all complicated people and no one can truly know our motives for things. The fact that you bothered to write here is a very loving thing and deep inside, I bet your mom knew that one day you'd understand her sacrifices. My mom has mental illness and can be REALLY nasty and I have gotten into horrid fights with her, but I also know that she is a loving person, and she knows deep down that I love her too. People are smart enough to know that deep down, we care about them and can eventually come to understand the complications of life that make them act the way we do. You sound like a good person and I bet you spread a lot of love into the world, so your mom gave you a gift. I enjoyed your story. Happy mother's day!