Happy Mothers Day To Both Of You

first happy mothers day the the lady that gave birth to me i will never understand the feeling and i am sorry i never got to say good by when you died but you guys made the choices and we ived by them and died by them but i no longer hate you

really do not know what to say other than thank you for the love you and your family showed me as a boy of 12 all the way up to the last time we talked
thank you for the love and understanding you showed to me even when you knew your daughter and i were in love youu allowed us to live and act as adults and we both knew youshould have been taking money out of out account each month and keeping it for our 1/3 of the cost not takingit out and putting it back in
tell you mother if you see her i loved her too sorry for your death and the death of roberta so young they was nothing i could do to protect her
rickibrat2 rickibrat2
61-65, M
May 13, 2012