IM a Walking Bag of Water

 I really think its my Cancer ascendant, but for those of you who don't believe in the astrology hype i can honestly say that I don't know why.

I'm very intuitive and can sense people. Sometimes I cry for the people I love and sometimes I cry for the world. I sometimes dislike my sensitivity because it catches me of guard i want to be able to control my emotions..not because society tells me to, but because I have control

The best place I would want to be when I do get sensitive is in A mother bosom. It just seems so safe when you cry and your mother holds you in her arms and all you feel is soft flesh and her heartbeat. She says kind words and you feel understood.

but instead I get a whole Lotta insensitive people..who say " oh your just sensitive " or " your taking things personal"

I feel hurt all over again and wrap my arms around me just pretending that I'm my own mom.

Profoundvirgo Profoundvirgo
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3 Responses Aug 28, 2009

What is your take on Pisces?

Many Cancerians believe astrology or not possess this dominant trait feel pain quickly spend more time making up, apologising, reapologising it is who they are. Just accept it. Very emotional creatures. In essence they have a good heart.

You are not alone in your experiences. I, too, am sensitive to others feelings and emotions. I, too, find myself crying for the world and all of mankind...asking and begging for mercy for us. I am sorry that you haven't found anyone who understands what you experience. It can be overwhelming at times. You must be a wonderful person to have this gift.