All of them seem to do me more harm then good. Took some strong anti biotics a dentist gave me to get rid of an infection, but even though the extreme pain went away after three days it made me sick for a long time. Got rid of all the bacteria in my body including the stuff that helps digest food...
Arorin Arorin
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No I am calling me big!

Are you calling me little? :(

My body is a lot bigger then yours. I doubt it would affect me in the same way.

Don't try vicodin then! lol I just took the prescribed dosage and I think I might haven been somewhat allergic..I dunno..I had a case of crazy sporadic behavior lol..And after that I got soooooo nauseous..And all my doctor said was "don't take that anymore" Well no freaking durr!!!!!!! I wasn't planning on it after that happened anyways!!!!!!!!! lol

I dont think I tried vicodin but I have been given pain killers before, and they only last me an hour.