A simple closet, yet when thought of, its mystery compels imaginations to run wild with judgment.’ “Style” is an expression of individualism mixed with charisma. Fashion is something that comes after style.  ~John Fairchild~.’ This closet, such a special one, is unique to its owner, painting a clear image into the personality, character, and spirit. Proud flags, of respect and allegiance to an idea, are equal to every stitch and drop of sweat put into them, waiting to be worn pretentiously.
Casual, athletic, and professional shoes aligned in each one of their specific places, decorate the floor with their stories of traveled steps. Rich chocolate colored flip flops for those sultry summer days. Next to them; energetic with speed, trust, and memories, lie dormant; comfortable sharp sneakers thirsting for their next exploration. Suave professional dress shoes paired next to one another; one hazel wood brown with intricate stitching, and the other shining black leather laced with recollections of nervous, eager, and confident swagger. Rugged, experienced, and reliable work boots stand solo from the rest, yet just as promising and dependable is a black tool belt with a solid stainless steel hammer, flat head and phillip screw drivers, measuring tape, stapler gun and other assorted tools. Every step taken is another step into the personality of this closet’s owner.
Hanging blissfully above the decorative shoe covered flooring, from left to right, are causal T-shirts of every color and design for every mood and emotion felt. Some more bright and vibrant than others but all together an image of the character portrayed. Polo’s, some striped like an American flag and others solid as the earth we walk on, build the confidence of an average college student in today’s society.  Collections of brown, black, and hemp woven belts loop lightly between informal and formal attire. Crisp and distinct, yielding a stiff, un-creased surface floats a fresh suit. Enticing as ice cold lemonade in the midst of summer is an array of lively earth-tone shaded dress shirts.  Suspend by a bar are various assortments of out-of-the-ordinary ties, some are blue like the evening sky, others are intelligent with personality.
 Warm and dependable are the coats that insulate the farthest right region of my closet.  A large red coat with gray lining and logos imbedded on the sleeves stands out with the spirit of true northerners. Accompanying that large red and gray coat is a blue denim coat with opaque wool insulation that looks like the wardrobe from the Starsky and Hutch action comedy. Tan and black fleeces accompany several hoodies hanging together like birds on a wire.  Possibly, the boldest item in this closet reads “power, respect, and money.” In red, black and white lettering, this racecar jacket speaks Tony Montana’s words of want, need, and desire.
The top shelf of this closet holds stacks of organized magazines, towels, jeans, shorts and cut off shirts.  The magazines are ordered by date from newest too old and have not a page scorned or an issue missing. Stacked in different shapes, color, and sizes, five towels are folded neatly, smelling of a clean and refreshing spring breeze.  Black work pants with stains and odors of hard-work and empowerment.  Dark blue lines outline the multiple shades of blue denim jeans, stacked high like hot cakes cargo shorts with numerous pockets and brands arrange creatively with the variety of shirts lining the closet. Hoarded high with composed spoken bountiful colors, are torn and cut shirts that represent the structure and dedication of a free spirit. 
An orange globe beckons its name to the view, “Rawlings”. At first glance it appears only to be a leather ball, but when gazed upon, its true marvel can be seen. This ball is the most important item in the closet; it speaks on the very character and dedication of an optimist.  One could say it is the foundation for the average citizen working in your local pub.  Morals, respect, and values tread strongly in rough waters; the courage to stand up when a leader is needed. These are just some of the attributes held  true in light of that orange globe.
Tantalizing and intriguing, stands this mystical shinning black instrument of music. With its four cords it sings a melody of mesmerizing tunes. Through its structured mechanics uncontrollable freedom can be found, and a sense of peace that sets a mind at ease no matter what folly. As this bass takes over and consumes the spirit, it allows freedom from all qualms, doubts, and uncertainties. The true demeanor of this righteous tool speaks to the world over.
 The mystery of this special closet holds inside of it all the characteristics of a structured man. The steps traveled and the shoes worn in every experience. Each article of clothing describes the very mood and personality that was chosen to convey. The organization of each object and its specific place shows the foundation of a strong personality with a bright and provoking fortitude. All of these items that give an idea do not define people; nevertheless,  proves it is not the shirt that makes the man, but the man that makes the shirt. 
Darcko Darcko
18-21, M
Sep 2, 2010