Been A Drill

More proof I'm an alien :D

I took one Benadryl today because I was severely beset by allergies. I've had attacks my whole life along with astha, but the allergies have stayed away as the years went on. But lately, whew! I start sneezing and go insensate and get confused! The Benadryl kicked and I got some stuff done, but all of a sudden I got so tired. I took a nap which Iahven't done in a long time. I hallucinated like mad. My eyes were shut and I saw blackness, but I got clear images with color. And I heard voices a few times. I was not scared, but fascinated. 1 pill, 25 mg of Benadryl and I get an acid trip. I had taken 400mg of Gabapentin also like I usually do at the beginning of the day, but that had been seven or eight hours before. So if you ever meet a mean alien give them a Benadryl. They'll wander off muttering about colors and visions and sounds in the head.
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Sep 3, 2010