I think everyone is sensitive to music, but only few people can actually FEEL the music. I drive down the road and I hear the first few bars of a song play and, if it hits me, goosebumps flare up all over my body. When that voice starts to sing...I can't help but feel my spirit stir and I feel those goosebumps stay on my skin, seeming to undulate with the music, flowing with that wonderful beat. If I'm at home and in my room, I'll lay down with my noise-cancelling headphones and turn my music up as far as I can stand and I close my eyes. I don't tell everyone this but when I close my eyes I see the music as colors, they pulse with the beat and I lose myself in it. If I love a song, if it hits me deep, I'll listen to it for days. I am driven to know every bar, note, strum of the song. Songs that hit me like that stay in my mind forever...I am sensitive to music.
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When i hear music, I sometimes have Goosebumps as well, and when i was listening to it in a certain place, get back home again and listen to the certain music when i was in THAT certain place, it makes me get back into that certain place where i was before, its like getting back into time and place completely by just listening to music.<br />
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Music is like a vortex of dimension to travel into time and place for me when listening to it :)<br />
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by the way, Awesome story! BillyCistra :D


I listion to music itcan transform your mood and with head phones on I DONT have to talk to people!

I can only appreciate music at that level if I am stoned. Wish i could do it sober though.

After read ur detailed words, i can't say anythin' except I just feel that feeling like i have ever experienced.THANX!

What a wonderful experience to see the colors of music! Have you ever felt inspired by music and allowed yourself to create something?

Very well written. Nice description. You put in words the same moments i have had with music too. thanks.