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Barrage Of Emotion

When I hear music it's as if my soul gets lost in it. It makes me feel sad at times. Happy and full of joy at other times. Music has a way of transporting me to a place of pain and sorrow but ironically it can also lift me from that place and take me to a place of extreme bliss and elation.

Music is me and I have a song in my life for every occasion be it good, bad, mad, sad, happy,in love or heartbroken.

Music touches me to the very core of my being and the only thing better than listening to it is being blessed with the gift to sing it.
sexxydiva sexxydiva 36-40, F 3 Responses Nov 24, 2012

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the house of flies by deftones, makes me feel sad, whenever i hear it. its such a haunting song. my older bro used to listen to that song alot when i was young, im not to sure why i associate it with sadness, but its still an amazing song even now

We all have some song that touches us a certain way!!

I'm so glad to see someone expressing How they feel about music this way, I completely Agree and, Thank you

Thank you so much! I am glad you enjoyed it! :)

I often avoid the sad stuff. When I'm sad, I listen to something silly and meaningless to lift my spirits.

I agree but sometimes I hear the sad song and it takes me for that moment to a place where the song was written for me...:)

I have a few of those.