Special One

'Sensitive' is such a beautiful word that it's almost preposterous to say one is.  It's somewhat surprising that it refers to the senses and not to the heart.  Yet sensitivity has a lot to do with the way we deal with sensory information. 

I wonder if people are born sensitive or with the potential to become sensitive beings.  Why are some people insensitive?  Why is it that one innocent baby will become a delicate person and the other a rude rascal?  Maybe sensitivity is transmitted by education but in my eyes it's so much more important than any possible knowledge. 

A sensitive person speaks to the heart, directly, patiently and gently.  Impossible not to be struck by her beauty.   

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2 Responses Mar 1, 2010

Oh, yes you are very sensitive, Bellas!!! And indeed with a lot of respect for other people. I'm happy to know you!

So true...<br />
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I am not the most sensitive person,but I try to be respectful of peoples feelings..<br />
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Great story...