Weird Happenings N' Such

I've always kinda been wary of things around me, but ever since i met a girl who was once my friend.... things have been happening a lot... for almost a year now.

First off, i'll get dizzy when something really bad comes around or happens. It's usually hard to tell, but when my hair on my arms stand up....i know something very not good is around. Because i don't get chills all the time, even if it's cold. And it usually happens when there's no air or anything around.

There's also that lovely feeling of "Hey....that feels like someone's standing right next to m-- YIKES!" lol ...I hate it. This is why i close my eyes when entering my room at night. I'm convinced there is something following me around. And it likes to look me in the eyes, and i don't like that too much....

I used to have a steady ghost around who was.....a teenage boy i'm guessing. He was very...mischievious and loved to make things fall on me. The worst case was when he pushed a cookie jar's lid (which was a heavy porclein cow head) RIGHT in front of me.... it would'a knocked me out had i been walking a step faster. After a few more minor things he left, though.

My house is full of spirits, but they come and go thankfully... Most spirits i encounter now are of the bad persuasion. It's weird and i can't explain it but... i learned how to shield really fast ^^ granted they're weak shields, but they don't need to know that...

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and it was following that girl that used to be your friend and felt you were better prey! they will attempt to control your mind and give you lots of problems, Jesus was the only thing that silenced the evil ones in my head.

I am a complete Telepath/Clairvoyant psychic.. And what you have following you is a demon or a wicked angel.. more specifically a Goblin. They suck cuz they will follow you and make you feel scared for years. You should pray to Jesus dude. I had TONS of crap following me for years. Not to belittle your situation! It sucks bro, Jesus will help you, he helped me!

XD i'm sure you don't fail. I am -kinda- telepathic. I can her but it's hard sometimes. That's how i talked to my guardians. But i don't meditate much XD i've just recently started to ....<br />
<br />
But when i don't hear them anymore i get worried. Which is how that all started.

That doesn't sound good. 0_o How does yours communicate with you? I'm not telepathic and never hear spirits/thoughtforms/astral projectors (I can only feel them in a clairvoyant sense and sometimes see them on rare occasions) so I just let mine sort of do it's thing. I've only ever communicated with other dream walkers (the only time I astrally project these days since I can't seem to control it). Maybe I should meditate more. I fail at being a psychic. :P

Annianti - i've had/ do have guards and guides but they never feel like it. They almost feel harmful. ^^; <br />
<br />
Emmerich - I've had guards, like i stated above XD But i'm having trouble .... lots of trouble. Because i recently lost a LOT of my guys...they didn't die, they just went away because they "Weren't needed" because my current only guard said i needed something stronger... for something coming, which...scares me a bit XD

I sometimes go through the same thing. I pretty much just ignore it now. But every once in a while i feel like someone is watching me. It could be our angels or our spitit guide watching over us.

I get that alot to; things coming and going all the time. I know exactly what you mean about the feeling like something is standing right next to you too. LOL It really creeps me out sometimes. I have a natural shield but also have a guardian servitor that protects me from the nastier stuff out there. That's something you may want to look into.