Frollicking W/ the Spirits

This is the first time i've had the guts to talk to people who wont belittle me for the things I say! Thanks!!!!!  Their are quite a few things I'd like to share; first off I am followed from place to place by a soul who doesnt harm us, just lets us know when its around.  I've been spoken to by a man while lying in my bed.  The man said to me whispering, "nnnvee, are you ready b/c I am?!"  I can feel when there are souls around me, even just riding past a house that I know nothing about i feel it!!!!  Do they want help?! Could I be sensitive to the paranormal or is it just my "guide" ?

nnnvee nnnvee
1 Response Apr 3, 2008

i am dealing with the same thing. and like you i am very confused, ever since i was about 5 or 7 i could sense things that aren't there. i sometimes see spirts and hear them. i am now 17 and even more freaked out. it's like they know i know that there, there so they follow me. one time i was sleeping over a friends house and was the only one up watching a movie when i heard someone say "she's the one" right by my ear, i freaked out and woke my friend up. i think most of them dont know there dead. ive always wanted to try to talk to them but i get to scared. sorry im not much help im still trying to find it to, i just wanted to let you know your not alone.