Once Is Good Enough

I guess it started when i was about 12. My family had decided we were going to take a vacation to the beach (me, my older brother, my mom, and my dad). About a month before the actual trip i had a dream that my entire family were standing in this HUGE glass window surrounded room and the lights were out. It was apparent we were not the only ones there either. I heard a voice overhead say "please we would like to remind you there is no drinking and no smoking in the lobby." As i turn around i see two men on a couch, one with a ciggarette in his hand and the other holding a beer (i see them through a crowd of other ppl). Then these loud gut wrenching screams, the voice came overhead again but i could not make out what it said bc as i looked out the windows and saw the darkest sky i had ever seen in my life, the next thing i know, i am crying and holding on to my mom for dear life as the ceiling above us caves in. I woke up. The next month we were leaving a piggly wiggly at the vacation destination. The sand from the beach a few blocks away was blowing so hard onto us it felt like a sand blaster. We bolted for our TANK of a car. We got back to the hotel and stood in the lobby, and here we go. everything i had dreamed about a month before...WAS ACTUALLY HAPPENING TO US. Three tornadoes were hitting this beach at the same time. At this point i am TERRIFIED.(The voice overhead that i could not make out the second time in my dream, was a member of the hotel staff asking for ppl to go outside, and to the back of the hotel where the actual beach is that these tornadoes were ripping through at the time, to climb the stairs and help the ppl trapped in the elevator that were screaming bloody murder) I just KNOW that ceiling of this gigantic hotel is going to come down on top of us all...it never happened. Everything i had dreamed happened EXCEPT the ceiling giving way. I told my mother about it. She told me i needed to start keeping a journal. I told her i didn't understand it bc i would dream these things, and then i would never remember them until they started to actually happen. About a week or two after that i had a dream that i can only explain as...weird. I had walked into the door of a house i had never seen before. Nothing vivid stood out. No details of the house, except, when i walked through the front door there was an immediate stairwell that led upstairs to the only room in the house. The room was pitch black. As i stood in the room i could feel something watching me. Studying me for a second or two. Then i just felt like i needed to run as fast as i can out of that house or whatever was lying in wait was going to physically harm me. I never saw the outside of the house. It was a one time only dream. This one scared me worse than the one that actualy happened, bc i remembered it the very next day. I told my mother. She told me this was an omen. A warning. Something bad was going to happen that would knock me "sideways". When i was 16, i had a car wreck with my best friend. She was driving. It was her car. It put me in the hospital for a week, and i missed the entire last month of school that year. This dream only happened the one time. But here i am, 23 years old...and it still brings me to question. I am the type of person that can step into a house, walk thro every room, and tell you if it is haunted and if it is an evil presence or something u don't really need to be concerned about. I can tell you what room the most activity will be in. I can feel it. I cannot see it, i cannot "Communicate" with it. Nor do i want to. My best friend is amazed and freaked out by this at the same time. One of the houses she lived in, had a very evil unseen, presence in it, that actually pulled her two year old daughter out of bed one night and drug her across the carpet to the laundry room, that i refused to go into by myself. I am a God fearing woman. I do not want to "develop" this...so called gift anymore than what it already is. I just want to know what others think of this?
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Its a blessing I can do that also. Love it. Use it for only glory of GOD.

Thank the Lord I haven't had to deal with anything like that here lately. Lol. They moved out of that house shortly after all of that. She actually told me a few months ago she had sat up in bed one night and saw a 6ft. misty black figure at the foot of her bed in that house. Smh. Gives me goose bumps.