A Is For Azalea

January 8th 2013, I received a phone call from my brother who lives in California. His beautiful wife, 6 months pregnant then, was going into labor. Well, kinda. They were advised from doctors to induce labor. Monica, my brother's wife, is barely 5'0ft tall, maybe 100lbs. So they said now is the time for baby to be born! The journey began around 11am. I told my brother good luck, and to call me once my niece was born. I never received a call or text back.

That night, I had a vivid dream of a small girl, about 4 years old. She was undoubtedly my niece. Her hair was long and thick, like mine. Curls flowed down her face, and her cheeks were round painted with a faint rose. She was the cutest thing I've ever seen. When we walked, she held my hand. Her imagination was larger than life, and it often seemed as though we crossed paths with half reality, half fantasy. Fairies surrounded us as we played in the same sandbox and tree house that I grew up playing in. Several times throughout the dream, she asked the same question. We would be in the middle of a conversation about the whales deep in the Pacific Ocean when she would stop, look up into my eyes, and ask, "But seriously, can you tell Daddy to pick the "A" name?" I'd say, "Yes, baby. Whatever you'd like." We frolicked through a large meadow of flowers, a rainbow full of colorful blossoms and wind infused with cotton candy. We ran, we laughed, she told me stories about her friends. Her wit was mature, and her honesty; admirable. Right before I woke up from this dream, she yelled to me while holding onto her powder blue dress from the bottom of the skirt. It was like she was a wind-up toy. She ducked in order to get a good lift off as she sprung up and opened her arms with joy as she jumped, screaming, "Don't forget to tell Daddy! I love you!" 

I waited until around noon the next day before I called someone, since I'm on Eastern time. However, my mother called me a few minutes before noon and told me Monica just had a C-Section. At that moment, I knew that it was in fact my niece that visited me the night before. I asked my mother if my brother and Monica had decided on a name. Neither him nor Monica would tell ANYONE any hints of what they were thinking. She told me they had a few different names picked out, but they were waiting to meet her before they made a final decision. I told her about my dream and asked her to go tell my brother about what my niece said, and "to pick the 'A' name". My mother said my brother's jaw immediately dropped.

January 9th, 2013, a beautiful soul was born. My precious niece, Azalea Day. 
ColombianaQueen ColombianaQueen
26-30, F
Jan 21, 2013