My husband and I had moved to Michigan 6 months after our son had passed away.  It was a hard move but we did it. We had a guy who lived behind us that his son had passed 2 weeks after our son when he fell walking on the docks and hit his head and drowned.  At times of the day the dad would come out drunk yelling out, "how do you feel god has taken your son along with mine."  I went to him and told him that that was not a way to grieve and his son probably not happy that he is doing what he is doing.

It was a couple months later my husband and I were asleep and I woke up because I had the feeling that someone was staring at me.  In the corner of our bedroom there stood a younger looking guy.  I had finally got my husband to wake and he disappeared.  Well for the next couple of days I had dreams of that guy, he was just standing and watching. I was talking to my mother in law about what had happened and she showed me a picture of the guy that had passed and it was him, they called him Ducky.  I went to his dad and told his dad, at that point his dad told me thanks to what I had said to him it made him take a look at what he was doing and he had quit drinking.. There are a lot more...

BubbaAngel12 BubbaAngel12
Feb 9, 2009