Light Hurts My Eyes....

I Have been sensitive to light most of my has only gotten worse now that I am 38. I work in an office building and there are so many light above my eyes water if I am under those lights for too long. I have to wear sunglasses at my desk at work. They took did undo all the bulbs above my head which greatly helped me get through the day without experiencing a terrible migraine...but since we moved to the upper level into a new office space they will not take the lights out because they want it all to look really good and proper when the big wigs come into town. They did move me to what they feel was the corner with the least amount of light but dam those lights are everywhere I am surrounded by a sea of florescent bulbs...I am at my wits end any suggestions for and relief besides the sunglasses ..oh and I have the backlight on my pc turned down to like 5 on brightness and 12 on contrast....that helps some but just can't get away from those dam bright lights...I do have blue eyes My eye Dr told me that my eyes let in more light then most other people. I just do not understand why they do not have this listed as a real condition some Dr's understand others just blow smoke up your *** about it.
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I am also sensetive to light and get bad migraines when ever some one is in my sons room and the lights are on and the door is opened i have to actually shut the door so i see the light and so i wont get migraines. I m glad to know im not alone with this condition

Mabey I should try no your not alone...sorry your going through this too...we all just got to stick together :) And ty for commenting on this ...