My Contradiction

I am very sensitive, it's true. I worry about hurting others and about being considerate of others. And harsh words make me cry and hurt deeply. And I hate confrontations and arguments and try my best to avoid it.

Yet... even through my tears and pain, if someone is pushing me too far... well, my Scorpio side will come out. I will snap and I will dish it out just as fast, if not faster, back to the person. I always stand up for myself and if I have to physically fight the person back (never being the one who throws the first hit, mind you. But never backing down and ready to defend myself), I will do it!

And I never bend my beliefs, even when I'm made fun of or threatened (emotionally or physically). I stick to my guns, as the saying goes. And this shocks many people, because they know that I am sensitive and try to manipulate this... but quickly learn that it's an fruitless task to try, when I stand my ground and won't budge for anything. :-)

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2 Responses Jul 17, 2008

Amazing story. I am very sesnitive, too. But I never stand my ground because Im too afraid to do so. I can relate to iamkam coz Im more like him/her.

Thanks for sharing your story. In a lot of ways, your story could be my story! One difference is that I don't always "stick to my guns". I want to; and I try...but sometimes I'm easily swayed because I tend to think that other people know better than I do. Invariably, I later realize what happened and that I was right and should have held my ground. It's something I'm working on...and right now I'm at a point in my life where it's very difficult, but also extremely important!