I feel very sad. My baby isn't contacting me as much as he used to. He said he's out of credit or something and that he went to the mountains with no connection service, but he messaged me this morning and I replied instantly and he didn't message me back, i see that my message hasn't been "seen" yet.

It has been like this for days, and I don't like it. We already talked about it yesterday that I was upset because I missed him and he doesn't seem to miss me because he hasn't been messaging me. He said he feels so bad that he made me upset and that he's so sorry and that it's hard that we're not together and that it will never happen when we're finally together.

I asked him if he still likes me, and he said "of course!!! omg. Do you still like me? :(" and I said I missed him! and that I thought he as done with me and that it scared me. He told me he's very sorry and that he'll never EVER be done with me, and that he'll never just not contact me, and that when he said he wants us to be together he MEANS IT!

but what about today?!!! what happened? are you kidnapped or something? No more connection again? No more credit again? I just hate missing him all the time and being scared that he just might be playing me or something. I don't feel like he is, but heck! How would i know! :( I just wanna be with him, and missing him makes me talk to other boys who wants to talk to me. wishing it was him. but they're not!

I just hate guessing! If he wants me message me! if you don't then don't tell me you want me! SIMPLE! Don't make me stuck in to believing something that might not be true after all. I don't wanna be guilty talking to other guys thinking that he might be mad, when he's not giving me all the attention that I would want him to give me and that I'm willing to give him! :(

I'm a wreck. But I never show it, which makes it worse inside. He made me cry yesterday when he said he's really sorry and all the other things he told me. It just triggered all the feeling I have of wanting him and not wanting to lose him. I was braising myself of losing him when i asked him if he still likes me. I was expecting the possibility of him telling me he's met someone else. But he didn't and he was sorry and that just made me cry, that he's still mine. But now, I'm not so sure again.

Half a day is too long for me. He messaged me today once. Am I very sensitive? Or am I on to something? I'm scared of losing him, but I also know that it's better than guessing all the time and being blind sided.
genejanexx genejanexx
22-25, F
Aug 24, 2014