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My daughter, 28 years old and an HR executive with an IT Corporation, is going through separation from her 5 year old marriage.  She had married her boyfriend after 5 years of going steady.  Even then I had known that the differences between their background, temperament and worldview were wide and with time would get beyond reconciliation.  That's the way it happened and my daughter kept hoping that they would reconnect emotionally once again.  But her husband kept pushing her for divorce and it is now going to take place at the end of the 45 day period.

I know my daughter is going through the trauma of loss, separation and self doubt.  At the same time, she is strong enough to move ahead on her own.  We can feel her pain, sorrow and the emotional turmoil and didn't wish she would go through all this at such a young age.  My wife and I keep discussing the same thing every evening.  We try to talk to our daughter who lives 600 miles away from us.  She says she will talk when she feels comfortable.  She has lost weight, is giving herself a complete image makeover and going hep.  That's scary.  We wonder if she is mentally stable.  There is no way of knowing.  That's when we feel helpless.

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How is your daughter now?

Hi there İ am also at same situation as your daugther. My suggestion would be to make her feel loved and not alone. Please show her that she is not alone. Do not judge her or critise her or her husband behavours becuse that makes her more unconfortable... Just support her she needs that..