Separated And Broken Hearted

I am separated and have been for several months. At first I tried to have contact with my spouse just to keep the connection, but unfortunately it got heated over very little things. l also was told by my spouse that it was possibly a midlife crisis and space was needed. Therefore, I stopped putting myself out there to be hurt by continuing to reach out and get rejected. I do not want to get a divorce, but also do not know how to get this train back on the tracks if there is no communication between us. Any suggestions?
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1 Response Sep 10, 2011

Hi, sorry for your pain, truly. Can I ask; did she mean that she was the one with the possible midlife crisis?? I recently filed against my husband. I think we are both relieved someone finally made the move. The love was gone years ago and we stayed for the kids, which is what they say you should never do. But when is the right time, anyway? There isnt.
May I say that early menopause can change a woman in many ways. Not to mention the fact that we suddenly think "wtf have I been waiting for" and "I need to go live my life"...its no excuse, but it may be a possible reason. As for myself, when those thoughts hit my brain, there was no stopping me...I was outta there! I know my words may hurt, and I aplogize!! I just wanted to give you a woman's perspective.....