Newly Seperated

Too many details to get into. All here are going through the same stuff. I read your stories and I can relate. A place I'm sue none of us thought we would be. I'm having troubles with sleep right now. Days, night doesn't make a difference. Seems so weird and empty. Think I'm going through a depression of some sort. Don't really know. I've never really had or felt loss in any way. Moving on seems so easy in my mind. I've been very lucky in life. I've never spent a day alone in my life. I've always had somebody who love me by my side since I was 16 years old. Now after three months of loneliness, I've had a lot of time to finally learn about myself. I don't really like what I am finding out. I've missed out on so much. I've lost, or never discovered who I am. Or what I'm even doing here. Sorry this is kind of all over the place. Guess I'm just up chucking my thoughts right now. Avoiding closing my eyes and going to that empty place called bed.
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I too had somebody who loved me by my side since I was 16 and I understand exactly how you are feeling. When I start feeling really down I get ready, turn my Ipod on and go for a walk. Some days I walk for 2-3 hours, I find that this helps clear my head. I also go to counselling which I find helps, you are able to express how you are feeling and they give you strategies on how to deal with everything. I have been separated for a month and a half. Talk to someone it helps

Sorry you are feeling so down. I have been separated for 3 months now and it is starting to get better for me. I think that seeing a counsellor has helped a lot just being able to off load all my thoughts and feelings is a relief. I still feel down at times but not the confused lost that I once had that I think you are feeling. I also found doing things even though I didnt feel like it helped too. I went to work, movies worked in the garden - can't remember what I did but it helped to do something, this also helped with sleeplessness which is the worst. Time does help but try and move, go to work or walk get out of the house. It will get better.