Coping With "the Other Woman"

My son is currently in baseball, and we have several games every week. This week has been amazing because my husband's (when do I stop calling him that?) girlfriend hasn't been there. I don't have many huge issues with him other than him financially bailing on me and the kids. But it makes me feel like he has zero respect for me after all our years of marriage because she is always around. When she is around he won't talk to me and I feel like he is rubbing her in my face. This week has been great without her around. His family (and mine) attend all of my son's games and they are all still really nice to me, but when she is there I feel like I'm competing for their attention. I'm really good at not showing the awkwardness of it all, but I feel like crap. When she isn't around it's almost like nothing changed at all. His mom, grandma, and brother and sister are all really cool with me. I'm even getting together with his mom and aunt this weekend to work on a costume for my son's music concert. I can handle this separation, but when she is around my blood boils.
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2 Responses May 17, 2012 stbx left me a year and half ago and i still get upset when i see her.... i told my ex she finds excuses to "oops" step outside every time i come... she said i need to get over it... so i started parking around the corner. Last time she walked around the corner and stood there with her hands on her hips staring at us. I told him i do not want to see her it upset me. So now i park in front of the office... if she follows me out there i will start parking across the street.... and i will move farther and farther away... the thing is i will never be ok with her... she ripped my family apart... and even though i am better off with out my ex. She hurt my children and i will never forgive her.. may she rot in hell for not only what she did to my kids but hers as well. She lost custody of her kids because of what she did.

Hold your head high. I don't know what all happened in your marriage, but you are the BEST..... Karma will get him back. I say god gets my revenge. I still don't know when to stop calling them (husband) either. I really don't think it is a title they deserve, if they have left us and taken up with another woman. That in itself shows that they are insecure and can not be without another woman. My problem isn't that i have to see his family at all. He never really had that much to do with them until 1 1/2 yr ago. I think this was done so that he had an excuse he was helping sisters to move and then with $$$. All for new woman you see. It is good that you stay connected with family for your son. It really does take a village to raise a child. You will always be connected to this man and your child needs to see that he is loved by all of his family. Good luck to you, SMILE PRETTY and be happy when you see him and her and realise that he will do to her what he did to you.