My Wife and a Relative

For the last 6 months I noticed different things about my wife's behavior.  She started losing weight, started wearing very nice clothing and became very distant in our marriage.  Of course, I didn't think anything about these behaviors I just thought that my wife was going through a midlife crisis.  Well I became suspicious and did a little snooping around the house, because I had a gut feeling that something wasn't kosher.  So I took a look at her phone records for the last 3 months and what I found blew me away.

There was a phone number that appeared on her bill over a 1000 times in the last three months but what surprised me was that I recognized the number... it  belonged to a male relative of mine.  My wife and he would talk morning, noon and night it was simply unbelievable, I was wondering how she got any work done during the day. 

So I confronted my wife about this and she said that they were just talking. She didn't know that and still doesnt know that I looked at the phone records, but she said that she only talked to him maybe once a week.  Hell, sometimes they were talking up to 15 times a day. To which I asked her why didn't you tell me about it since it was harmless.  She also admitted that she had been talking to him for 6 months.  She didn't admit to sleeping with him but she did admit to meeting him and they simply rode around talking.  I had to laugh because my relative who is married isn't exactly the type of guy that talks to women as much as he was talking to my wife without some type of physical contact. 

Anyway, I left her and we both signed legal separation papers.  I just hope that I can get over the fact that my wife and my own flesh and blood would stab me in the back.

Thanks for your time

Paul in D.C.

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2 Responses Aug 5, 2008

Why did this happen? It's you and her would know. Is it your ego pushing you to get rid of her? If she is not getting something with you, she will try to find it somewhere else. What would that be? Again it's only you and her would know.

Good for you for standing up for yourself. If I caught my husband doing that to me I'd beat the **** out of him and throw him out. We have 5 children. I'd probably murder him. lol... well not really but you know!