My Soon to Be Ex Wife and I Are No More....

 The last year things have been really bad.  You can read some of my other stories about that though if you want.  

We were separated once before a few years ago for a few weeks and I begged her back telling her I believed her and I could work things out.  I even changed for her.  I never wanted a divorce ever in my life.  And there were things about her I did love.  How ever after we got back its as if she tried for a little while only.  We had one more kid together even.   But again she told me things I wanted to hear only and not follow up with anything she said.  And now that were separated this time I am done with it.  I am not even talking to her when my kids call.  I can't be with someone that does not believe in marriage and love as I do.  

My heart still believes in love and very hopeful I will find a girl in my future that is as much of a dreamer as I am.  All I can do right now is keep my chin up and live life the best I can.  

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3 Responses Jun 20, 2009

Kinda i just read your post and it was so clear and consise,a mirror image of my recent separation and the end part has got a grown man in bits, do the tears go in time because the pain is unbearable,Thanks George

I share the feelings and very much believe in love and marriage. My world is turned upside down right now through abuse, separation and adultry in my 10 year marriage. My husband put me through it and I had to leave. I found what I thougt was love and have had my heart broken worse seeking the love intended for husband and wife. Love is PAIN.

I identify with both the story and the comment.... I left a very unhealthy relationship and planted my heart to quickly into something with someone else and had it served back to me.... My main journey in life is about personal growth in order to accept unconditional love and use it within a romantic and intimate relationship, as well as my career to better serve.... <br />
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Marriage is a social construct, in my eyes, and it should be the deep love shared by two people willing to continually embrace freedom and love within a path together.... To me the commitment comes from the hearts and souls seeking union.... and many times we may have to discover new souls in order to find the true soul that chooses us as we choose them....<br />
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