Serb 4 Serb ^_^

Some of my family is Serbian, but they don't like to speak it much, and don't want to teach me. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to help me learn>?
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My best friend is a Serb :)

Hey...i can help you :) I speak Serbian :D

I ja govorim srpski...s obzirom da ovde živim čitav život :-D

Depending on where on where you live, try to find a Serbian Church close to you, call and ask if they know of any programs for learning Serbian - you never know, they might know a parishioner that is also a teacher, willing to give lessons. Try because there are online retailers that sell books and cds . . . or if you live in the Chicago area, send me an e-mail . . . Good Luck!

Hvala lepo! I am from Ohio, pretty close to Chicago, but not quite ;) I will try the church thing :)

i too would like help learning serb.

Your famaily is weird.However,serbian language is quite complicated,but reading it really easy.I'm willing to help.

Sure, I'll Be Happy To Help You With That! ;) It's vary bad when people forget who they are