One Fine Day

I am seriously considering getting serious about something.
I do not mean to make a mockery of this group. I really mean it. I will sleep on it, and decide what that one thing will be.
CountSpatula CountSpatula
46-50, F
5 Responses Oct 22, 2010

he he he. countspat i think you make me grin more than anyone on EP . thank you :-)<br />
and please beware the microwave sock box. lol

Not quite, Miss Poppins. Did I tell you that the Aflac man came around again, enticing me with his policies? He said if I were to have a heart attack, they'd cut me a check for ten thousand dollars. Even if I'm dead. <br />
I got a big duck foot sticker this time, but I adhered it to my rolling trash can.

UPDATE: The microwave box of socks remains on the shelf. <br />
Are there groups for things like this?

Your serious about conjuring up laughter - and that's just fine by me.<br />
Love your responses, comments and half-stories!

I've got it. I have a microwave box full of socks we no longer wear sitting on the shelf in my closet. It's large. <br />
I'm a sock *****. We just buy more socks. <br />
I am going to seriously think about getting rid of it, by gum!<br />
I think I'm going to salvage the pair of striped toe socks, though. They are kinda cute, even though I never wear them because I hate how they feel on my feet. It feels unnatural to have my toes separated by fabric. <br />